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In the context of today’s complex communication environments, the need for building, defending and maintaining an impeccable online reputation takes on added significance. With almost 2 billion Internet users worldwide and  two-thirds of the global online population already accessing member community sites, the Internet transforms in an excellent place to build and develop your personal brand or market your business on a global scale. Traditional approaches to corporate reputation are no longer sufficient. With the growth of consumer-generated media, almost everybody is using the Internet to make purchasing decisions or to check out potential business partners, employees, because positive experiences establish credibility, reliability and ultimately, influence your most valuable asset – your online reputation!

Online Reputation Management Solutions
is a professional provider of Online Reputation Management (ORM) services. Our dedicated team of Online Reputation Management experts will work round-the-clock to successfully build, defend, shape and maintain your online reputation. Online Reputation Management Solutions is a global provider of Web Reputation Management services in four languages: English, Italian, German and Romanian. ORM combines elements of PR with Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and a variety of other strategies to help you ensure a positive message when people search for your name or company reputation over the Internet. A positive online reputation is standing for merit, achievement, and why not sales, which are reflected in growth and profitability. Are you happy or disappointed with the results people get back when they "google" your name, business or any other crucial keyword? If your online reputation is different from your offline reputation and the search engine results have a negative impact, it’s time to call in our specialists. Discover your benefits of Online Reputation Management!

Online Reputation Management - a new, hot trend

Proactive Online Reputation Management - Who needs it?

- job seekers: if you are at the beginning stages of your career or if you are considering a career change, you might benefit from Internet Reputation Management. Online Reputation Management can increase your online visibility by showing professional content, and help your recognition as a subject matter expert. Almost 50% of job searchers are researching potential employers on the Internet. Start building your Internet reputation!

- companies: ensure a positive message over the Internet if you are marketing a  service or product. Start building your brand reputation today! Earn the trust and recognition of your customers in order to avoid being slammed unfairly by "neurotic" customers and competitors. People are talking about your business reputation and the whole world is listening!

Reactive Online Reputation Management - Who needs it?

- individuals; companies; educational governmental non-profit institutions; or any other system that has been facing online defamation, bad press results, rumors, bad reviews, sabotage of negative comments by competitors&customers. Defend your Web reputation! Are you who Google says you are? Manage your e-Reputation and be prepared to face any reputational crisis.

We are an Online Reputation Management provider. To find out if Online Reputation Management Solutions can help you, please take a quick look at our FAQ section or click here if you would like to request a free quote and fill us in on the details of your Online Reputation problem; there is no cost or obligation. Our Online Reputation specialists will get back to you as soon as possible!